Opened Design Center YOKOHAMA!

| From Yokohama to the World: Delivering Japanese Standard Designs

Kanagawa | April 3, 2024:
GLW Corp.(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Hideaki Ōno, hereinafter referred to as “GLW”) opened “Design Center YOKOHAMA” in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture on April 1, 2024, in response to increasing demand from customers.

From Yokohama to customers across Japan, and from Japan to customers worldwide, we will provide high-quality automotive design and development.
Yoshikazu Takashima, who is the Engineering Division Manager, has been appointed as the Design Center Manager, and will lead GLW’s design and development.
Takashima Design Center Manager (right-center) and Engineer members

⚫︎ Overview of Design Center YOKOHAMA
Design Center YOKOHAMA is equipped with numerous number of the high-end CAD software CATIA and has established an environment to provide services to customers in the mobility industry. Initially, the mechanical design department will be the main focus, but we are planning to open the electrical and electronic control department, which currently only operates in Aichi Prefecture. In the near future, mobility development in all fields will be possible from this facility.
In recent years, we have also received inquiries from overseas customers and will deliver high-quality Japanese standard designs to the world.
Additionally, the facility will serve as a training center and actively contribute to the education of young employees.
⚫︎About GLW
GLW is a business solution company that provides specialized technical services in the mobility industry.
Leveraging the technical expertise of each employee, we offer commissioned development, technical consulting, and engineering dispatch services.
Although a young company in the third year since its establishment, GLW has already exceeded 70 employees and supports the design and development operations of automotive manufacturers and suppliers across Japan.
A notable feature of our employee composition is that more than 70% are non-Japanese nationals. Through a combination of rich diversity and technical expertise, we aim to revolutionize Japan’s mobility industry.

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