Welcome to GLW; a trusted technical partner in the global automotive manufacturing industry.
We understand the huge potential of this industry and are committed to helping our valued clients to achieve their goals.
With years of experience working closely with major Japanese automobile manufacturers, we have accumulated our expertise and knowledge to bring the best technical services.

Thanks to the dramatic advancements in remote communication, we can now offer our expertise to our global clients, providing the same benefits that Japanese manufacturers have enjoyed for years.
Our clients may focus entirely on the Upstream ranges thanks to our expertise in Middle-stream R&D, which we combine with the most cutting-edge technology the clients own to provide cost-effective and unmatched designs for the auto manufacturing industry.
Our experienced professionals provide innovative and practical solutions, leveraging advanced communication technologies to access the latest production techniques.

Since every client has their own unique and individual needs, we will always work collaboratively to modify our services as needed.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can support you in realizing your dreams and achieving your goals whilst moving your success along.
Let’s drive your success and bring a prosperous future in the automotive industry!


We are specialists in automotive development and insist on high-quality output.
We do our business worldwide by taking advantage of the characteristics of Japan as a region, rather than just focusing on scale and cost.

We are a group specializing in the design and development field.
In particular, our track record in developing interior and exterior resin parts and functional parts for sports vehicles is remarkable.
In addition, the number of automotive control-related development achievements has been increasing recently.


The company name, GLW, is taken initial letters from “Global and Local Way, ”
as we are committed to maintaining a high level of vision while focusing on the details.

The tachometer on the left hits the over-rev.
We have a variety of employees with different abilities, but each one of us will do our best until we hit the over-rev.
This also symbolizes our commitment to focus on the transportation equipment industry including motorsports.


NameGLW Corp.
PresidentHideaki Ohno
EstablishedJanuary 2022
Capital21.5 million yen
Main business
Technical services for the transportation equipment industry
Consulting for the transportation equipment industry
Import and sales for the transportation equipment industry
License for General Worker
Dispatching Undertakings
派14-303359 / 14-ユ-301960
1-19-2, Shin-yokohama, Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Branch office
Sunterrace Bldg. 1-15-8, Mikawaanjo-minamimachi, Anjo, Aichi, Japan