GLW and ESUHAI’s Collaborative Development: A Close Look

| Innovative Automotive Design through the Power of Japan and Vietnam Multiplication.

KANAGAWA | February 8, 2024:
GLW Corp. (GLW) has been collaborating with ESUHAI GROUP in Vietnam (ESUHAI) since 2023, providing automotive parts design and development services to clients.

Although the partnership between the two companies began in July 2023, the deep expertise of GLW in the mobility industry, combined with the rich resources of ESUHAI, allows for flexible adaptation to a remarkably wide range of fields, unmatched by other engineering companies.

At ESUHAI JAPAN, Takashima (center-right) and Ms. Nhan from ESUHAI (center-left) confirming the further collaborative relationship

“We are currently handling the design of all exterior parts for an EV startup, and we have been working together with ESUHAI for some of these components.
When we communicate urgent requests or challenging design requirements, ESUHAI always delivers outputs in a short period, which is greatly appreciated.
Particularly, their flexibility in adapting while changing resources monthly and operating on Saturday mornings in Vietnam is highly beneficial for us.
We regularly align our understanding of each other’s outputs during our daily web meetings, and I look forward to gradually accumulating expertise in the newr future.” said Comment from Takashima, GLW’s Technical Manager.

The combination of Takashima’s abundant overseas experience and ESUHAI members’ design experience in Japanese automotive companies effectively avoids communication errors and design mistakes which are common in any global projects.
GLW will continue delivering innovative design and development services to an increasing number of clients.

Engineers reviewing the content of output in their daily web meetings

About GLW
GLW Corp. is a business solution company providing specialized technical services in the mobility industry. Leveraging the technical expertise of each employee, GLW offers commissioned development, technical consulting, and engineer dispatch services. Although a relatively young company, having been founded less than two years ago, GLW already has over 60 employees supporting the design and development tasks of automotive manufacturers and suppliers nationwide. Notably, over 70% of the employees are non-Japanese, fostering diversity and technical strength to lead the transformation of Japan’s mobility industry.

  • Establishment: January 2022
  • Location: 1-19-2 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
  • Representative Director: Hideaki Ono
  • Business Activities: Technical services for the transportation equipment industry, consulting services, engineer dispatch services

ESUHAI provides the following optimal solutions:

  1. An engineering team with extensive experience in product, facility, and electrical design to meet customer requirements in product and facility design. They also offer technical solutions to address issues faced by Japanese companies, such as on-site design requests and engineering services through dispatch.
  2. Providing high-quality resources from Vietnam with Japanese language proficiency (N2, N3) and business etiquette education, delivering excellent technical expertise and specialized knowledge to meet customer needs.

For more details about ESUHAI, click here.

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