Vitz Race 2023 Season End

The GLW Racing Team has joined FCR-Vitz Race Round 5 at Fuji Speed Way.
Despite wet road conditions, the President of GLW and racing driver, Hideaki Ohno were able to complete the race without incident.

Under the condition that we could aim season podium with top-4 finish, we finished with 8th place in the official qualifying round.
He responded well to the start and steadily improved his position in the early laps.
However, in the latter half of the race, as the rain got heavier, minor mistakes at the 100R and chicanes occurred.
In the end, he finished with P11, and we could not reach the season podium.

However, we were able to see some issues that we need to work on for next season and beyond.
This time, a student who has been with us since last month as an intern also participated in the race.
We have high expectations for the future ace of the GLW Racing Team.